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Daniel Springs
Daniel Springs

At Pet Artwork, a unique fusion of contemporary mix media art and the deep connection between pets and their owners. Specializing in the creation of Pet Portraits, our portfolio encompasses both Contemporary Pet Portraits and My Personal stylized Pet portraits, each bearing the unmistakable touch of creative flair.

My niche lies in offering affordable custom artwork options, providing digital versions that allow you to easily download and print your beloved pet’s portrait, providing flexibility and convenience. In addition to digital downloads, we offer certified gallery (Archival) canvas and poster prints of our artwork, so you can adorn your home with a personalized lasting image of your pet.

If you’re seeking something truly one-of-a-kind, our commissioned mixed media work is at your service. We’re passionate about capturing the essence of your ideas through the artistic vision developed (and continues to be developed) over time, and we’re committed to delivering outstanding results that celebrate the unique ideas you bring to to the table.

Don’t forget to take a look at past portfolios of work that can be purchased and printed by you as well as framed and ready to hang, and some work that is held only in private collections.

So again, let me Welcome you to Pet Artwork, where your pet’s portrait becomes a work of art, and the connection you share is transformed into a visual masterpiece. Explore our gallery and discover the magic of contemporary mix media pet portraiture. 

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